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Speaking of war

Speaking of war

War Rape and Domestic Violence in the Former Yugoslavia


2005 - 150 blz. - 90 75955 45 6

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In Speaking of war experiences of trainers that were sent out by Admira to support care workers in the countries of the Former Yugoslavia are brought together. Since 1994 Admira has offered trainings and organizational advice to care organizations in these regions. It all started as a programme to support the care for women victims of war violence, but after the war the emphasis shifted to the issue of family violence.
Through interviews and personal contributions the trainers share their experiences that vary widely and cover a broad field and often take place on the edge of personal perception and professional involvement. Here, we touch the subjects of offering comfort and support, restoring bonds, turning powerlessness into a constructive force, of the fear and shame of care workers to discuss rape. On the other hand there are the problems that the care workers come to face because of their daily encounters with the violence experiences of their clients, the care for the care workers, the inevitable next step in this work which is to work with perpetrators and with veterans, the painful confrontation with a participant whose immediate family was murdered in Srebenica.
The experiences of the trainers are intense and show that this type of training involves more than just giving, it involves a great deal of receiving: new insights and questions, shared experiences. Therefore, this collection offers a scope of useful leads and experiences for the training of care workers in other (post) war regions.


1. Introduction (Petra Aarts and Margot Mulders)
2. Children of foul fathers (Petra de Koning)
3. Pioneer work (Ingrid Foeken)
4. The former Yugoslavia revisited (Interview with Maja Danon)
5. Allies (Interview with Febe Deug)
6. Recovery of solidarity (Angeline Donk)
7. The war within the care worker (Interview with Martine Groen)
8. What doctors should know about violence (Interview with Gunilla Kleiverda)
9. The power of the outsider (Interview with Gerda Aarnink)
10. Tuning into the group (Gerdie Eiting and Mia Groenenberg)
11. Sympathizing with the devil (Anja Meulenbelt)
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2005, ISBN 90 75955 45 6, paperback, 150 p., order number 9P2005.02.

Free edition, shipping costs only.

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