Health for the Elderly

The number of elderly people is increasing, and that also applies to elderly migrants. Non-Western and lower educated elderly people are generally in poorer health than Western and higher educated elderly people. Language skills and education affect the (lack of) health literacy.

Culturally sensitive care

Pharos implements the ‘Health and Care for Elderly Migrants’ programme, together with the alliance of organisations for the elderly CSO and the Network of Organisations of Elderly Migrants (NOOM). The programme’s activities are aimed at the progressive development and safe-guarding of good, targeted and culturally sensitive care for elderly migrants.  Our focus is on: 

  • Dementia
  • Responsible use of medicines
  • Awareness and participation in exercise programmes aimed at preventing falls
  • Strengthening quality criteria from the perspective of the elderly, including migrants
  • Support for informal (migrant) carers
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