Female genital mutilation

In the Netherlands, we have been faced with female genital mutilation (FGM) since the beginning of the nineties. This is due to the immigration of women from countries where FGM is common practice.
The fight against FGM is complex and requires a comprehensive and targeted approach. Since 1993, Pharos has been a knowledge and advice centre for the fight against FGM. We have been designated by the Dutch government as a national expertise centre on FGM.

The role of Pharos

Pharos’ FGM programme focuses on several priorities.

Female Genital Mutilation general information

Types | Terminology | Prevalence | Background | Origin and religion | Healh problems

The Dutch chain approach

Policy and legislation


Policy and law in Europe | Prevalence worldwide | Organizations and networks

Focal Point FGM

Hotline | Consultation hours for women | Zero Tolerance Day FGM

Protocols and materials

Model protocols | Position Statements | Prevention materials | Education materials | E-learning FGM

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