School programmes for refugee youth in primary education

Good practice in mental health and social care provisions for asylum seekers and refugees

The World United (F.C. De Wereld)

A programme for asylum seeking / refugee children aged 10 to 12 years. Aims are to strengthen the competence of refugee children in aspects like self-esteem, coping skills, social skills and adjusted behaviour, by means of creating opportunities to express themselves in a safe and familiar atmosphere. The programme consists of eight weekly sessions. The topics are: Me, My school, My home, My family, Celebrating days, Friendship, Play and Games and Me, You and We. Every session begins and ends with the The World United song. During the sessions the children make their own ME-book in which they can write about themselves and in which the products they have made during the sessions are collected. Pharos offers a training for teachers who want to carry out the programme.

Primary School Documents: The World United

Teachers’ Manual: The World United

Students’ Workbook

The Word United Song – Lyrics

The World United – Edinburgh version

In Edinburgh the Leigh Walk Primary School did adapt the Pharos World United program. They ‘ve received the  Runners-Up Prize for citizenship programs for their version of the Pharos program.

World United Context and Rationale

World United Game (Zip file 9 Mb)

World United Lessons (Zip file 1 Mb)

World United Party (Zip file 8,4 Kb)

World United Song (Zip file 6,6 Mb)

Appendix (Zip file 1 Mb)

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